Parker Music Group was founded in 1994, and has provided Music Clearance & Licensing services to a wide variety of clients and productions.

We take pride in providing our clients with serious, experienced and professional services, which respect their individual sense of urgency and project requirements.


Music Clearance is the process whereby permission is obtained from the owners of a Song for use within your production.

A Song consists of two parts – the written musical Composition and the artist’s Master Recording of the musical Composition.

The Composition is usually controlled by one or more publishing entities which represent the actual composers of the Song. The Master Recording is usually controlled by whatever record label the artist was signed to at the time he made this recording.

Ownership of a musical Composition and artist Master Recording can be complicated, involving two or more different ownership parties…all of whom must be contacted and must give their written permission and quoted license fee for use of their property within your production.

If permission is received from all ownership parties of the Song, you can then make the decision as to whether or not you wish to move ahead to Licensing.


Receiving permission and quotes from all ownership parties of the Song you wish to use in your production does not obligate you to use the Song. You may decide, at that point, to move in a different direction creatively or you may simply feel that the quoted license fee is outside your budget. If you do decide that you wish to license the use, we can request the legal document called a License Agreement from each party, on your behalf. You will need to sign each license received from all ownership parties to the Song, and pay all quoted license fees, in order to use the Song in your production.

Your production can consist of any type of media... Television, Film, Audio Recordings, Video, Advertising, Internet, Video Games, Power Point Presentations, Cell Phone Ring Tones, Live Stage Plays, Corporate Presentations, Samples, Toys... any way you can imagine to use music is another type of media.

Parker Music Group would be very happy to provide you with free information related to your project type, and a price quote for our service fees, if you wish to provide us with information regarding your intended use.