We can use every available public and private asset to research current ownership of a song you want to use, provided the song has been published, copyrighted or recorded in the United States. Locating the owners of Compositions and Master Recordings that have been created in some countries outside the United States can be difficult if the country in question has limited reliable research assets for copyrighted materials. Keep in mind that most popular recording artists DO publish and record in the United States…even if they first become popular in other countries.

Once all owners of any Composition or Master Recording are located, we can create a request letter based on your needs and send it via fax or email to each and every ownership party. Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “verbal” quote related to the use of copyrighted intellectual property, and Parker Music Group does not accept anything but written quotes on your behalf. We have a saying that has served us and our clients very well over the years…”paper first, between friends”. Written quotes are your protection…verbal quotes are only as good as the paper on which they are written!

If your use is approved by all owners of the song in question, and if you wish to proceed with the use, we can create license agreement letters that will confirm all the terms of the use and will request each owner to issue and send you a license request. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for reading, signing and complying with all the terms of each license. You will also be responsible for paying the license fees. Parker Music Group is not a law firm, none of our owners or employees are lawyers, and we cannot offer legal advice of any kind.

If your project requires that a cue sheet be prepared and distributed with your product, we can provide you with this service. Pricing is based on project length and type, and quotes for our service fees related to cue sheet preparation are available upon request.

We can create and provide you with reports for your project, providing that the project contains ten (10) songs or more. Pricing for this service is based on project length and type, and quotes for our service fees related to report preparation are available upon request.

  • Negotiations with unions, guilds or performance societies.
  • Copyrighting your music (for that you need to go to the United States Copyright Office).
  • Likeness clearances for artists, composers, actors or any other person.
  • Clip clearances (unless the Master Recording you wish to use is part of a music video produced by a record label).
  • Leg breaking or other types of forced negotiation tactics.
  • Sorry, but if you are already infringing on a copyright, we can't touch your job.